Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Camp Fortune Edit 2 2014


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Its been awhile...first GOPRO Hero2 edit of the season

what up!

after a long hiatus, the least popular blog in the history of connected computers is back!  (applause?)
Anyway its 2012, im another year older and still love snowboarding.  With birthdays come presents, and this year I got a GOPRO HERO2 camera from my girl....pretty sweet.  Heres the first edit of the season with it, night snowboarding at Edelweiss, Quebec, Canada.  This is about 30 mins from my place downtown Ottawa.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cliff jumping, Camping and a new DS lite for my Nintendo addiction

The above may not be groundbreaking for any of you, but it is for me as the last handheld system I had was almost bigger than the Wii system itself haha. You may think im trying to be funny ( I am), but its also true. My parents bought us a Game Gear system back in the day (maybe 1994?) which was the first colour handheld system, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. That thing was a beast...took up like 100 batteries and used them up faster than Lindsay Lohans career failed (zing). Anyway got it off a guy used, so cut out the store trying to over charge me as I got a Black DS lite w charger, and 3 game (GTA chinatown wars, Final Fantasy 3, and a Dementium) for $80. The guy even delivered it to me, so I was quite pleased. I then found some sick games for great prices used.... Zelda minish cap for GBA ($20), Zelda Phantom Hourglass ($25) and Mario and Luigis: Bowsers Inside Story ($20). So I have enough to tide me over for however many trips I go on in the next year or so at least!
Game Gear
Lots of other stuff going on in my life as well, just got back from a long weekend camping...I had been dying to go as it was my first camping trip of the year. Good times drinking with friends, boating and cliff jumping! Check out this quick video edit I made from the trip and posted on my youtube channel....Fun times in the Canadian Summer.

I have also been really binging on Zelda not the worst addiction but still on a bit of a overload. I finally beat Twilight Princess, which ended up taking me about 3 years to complete! Well worth it in the end, epic ending to say the least. The reason it took me so long was because of the damn Wolf portions, and me losing interest (mostly due to confusion of where to go next in the biggest Zelda game world created thus far)

Im now replaying on of my all time favorites, Zelda the Windwaker for Gamecube. Love the art style soo much, definetely one of the most epic journeys, even with a bit too much sailing.

All this Zelda has been great...some of the greatest adventures in Video Games IMO...if you have played a Zelda, or multiple what is your favorite? Or why do you think the game is so highly regarded, or overrated?
hope all is good with everyone, take care and hope to hear from your comments

Friday, 22 July 2011

Im a big Bully

Im a Bully!

Its not all about the newest games, and most popular games....this is something I have learned time and time again playing video games, especially since I got older.
When I started playing video games the gaming industry wasnt as mainstream, and the internet wasnt commonly used as it is today, so it wasnt as much of an issue. But it is these days...As a gamer I dont know how you wouldnt be aware of the fanboyism, and competitive nature of people on the internet. example: COD vs other shooter, and 360 vs PS3 on comment boards ahha....the list goes on.
The latest game that I completed really hammered this home, and that game was Bully Scholarship Edition for the xbox 360 (originaly released on the PS2 and xbox). It was original released in 2006, but re release with the new edition back in 2008 for the PC and 360. Its a Rockstar sandbox game, very similar to GTA, but from the perspective of a high school student. This makes things seem a lot more innocent, as there is no car, guns or hookers...but under the surface there is quite a bit of adult themes and jokes. Lots of funny missions to do, 7 different quests to pass and side missions. Quests you usually do for a certain group, and it affects your relationships with each (nerd, bullies, jocks)..nothing new there but really fun because the voice acting is really well done and reminds myself of days back in school when you really had to deal with similar types of people in real life. Of course theres bike races, go kart races, and side jobs as well like paper routes to make cash. blah blah blah, right?

The first couple hours playing it felt a bit awkward, but I figured that was because it was last gen and doesnt hold my hand like a lot of current games do. But i pushed through and very happy I did because once those credits rolled I was almost sad it was over...a great journey and game world rockstar created with ton and tons of hidden fun. I finished off 100% completion last night, with all that goes to show how much I enjoyed it as I dont really 100% many games.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Vacation, never enough and always too fast

quick blog update, on vacay for a about a week in a thought i would drop a line or two.  If you work a job and have vacation weeks, you know these all too you look forward to them all year...get them and its over before you know it haha

ANyways I will be missing Canada Day in Ottawa for the first time in years, so kinda sad i guess cause its always a wild time in the streets.  Now on a real sad note I will miss be missing Prince William and Kate visiting Canada for the first time as a married couple....but really who cares about that besides girls and gossip mags/websites.

leaving on a musical note, this song is going to be rocked all vacation long...and its to a extremely classic video game....can you remember the name of the game? (easy trivia alert for nerds like myself)

Friday, 24 June 2011

To sell or not to sell....that is the question

Deciding to keep or sell games can be tough! 

Anyone else have trouble selling games? Feel like you might want to have it for your collection or library of gaming, that you may want to play it again sometime 10 years down the road? Well I do...and I think im the worst for it...well not the worst as Im sure there are some video game hoarders out there haha (thinking chairs made out of old SNES cartriges, half the room buried beneath PS1 and PS2 cases lol)
Anyway Im gettting much better lately as I always used to hang on to my old games, never trading them in for money or credit....but now I have found a way to at least get something back, instead of a dust collection of games that seemed much better years ago.
Ive been using a site called Kijiji, which is a used probably have something like where ever you live, as it a great way to avoid getting ripped off at places like Gamestop where they will give you like $5 for a $70 game you just bought a week ago. Anyway so far I sold COD Black OPs (35$) and Alan Wake ($20) to random people...not bad i think.
I was so tired of Black Ops, and still got more than 1/2 what I paid for it 7 months after release...Winning. As for Alan Wake I was really considering keeping...but honestly wasnt that great of a game and the ending still has me confused. The best part of Alan Wake for me personally was that I got the free DLC by photoshopping a reciept and emailing it to a guy from the company, as it never came in my game case when i bought it.
So im improving my bad game hoarding habit haha, and getting some of my money back that I would usually let waste away. Especially if just not a real classic that I would to want in my collection.
What about you guys, keep or sell? Do guys still used game stores to return games? If you do try looking at used online community site, it may take a bit more effort but you will most likely be able to double the value of the return!
Ted out!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Timmy Thomas deserves it more than anyone on the ice

Canucks fans erupt in anger after loss - British Columbia - CBC News

Ya that happened after the loss....of course, right? Im Canadian and it still seems too cliche.....

The Bruins deserved to win...Vancouver just seemed to quit  when the tough got going, which is not how hockey works.  I think the series really was won right here in this clip.....and this is the Captain of the team?????  Yikes

Boston is a great sport city, and as an original 6 team I have to give respect, where respect is due....

The best part just starts right here...Tim Thomas...Vezina GAA (goals against) all time this season....most saves EVER in the ENTIRE PLAYOFFS!....and not to mention he only made it to the NHL when he was 31......parents sacrificing everything including there wedding rings to help him make it his dreams happen.

anyway even Steve Nash is on Twitter plead for Vancour to stop burning ****......really its not the fans tho, just criminals, living out gang mentalities they dream of.......weak.

anyway I love the NHL Playoffs, best sport IMO.......altho the Mavs beating LeWeaksauce and the Heat was pretty saaaweeeeet!

Ted out